January 03, 2022

Why Should Women Wear Sports Bra for Workouts

Why Should Women Wear Sports Bra for Workouts

Sports bra is something that provides good support to the breasts, making sure that the breast tissue does not suffer injuries during any form of physical exercise. The breasts keep moving up and down during physical exercise and such repeated movement causes pain and soreness over a period of time. This happens irrespective of the size of the breasts. It is good to wear a sports bra for even milder forms of workouts such as Yoga. The regular bra does support the breast during normal routine, but the bouncing and excess movements that occur during workouts require a much stronger support. The sports bra definitely reduces discomfort and minimizes injury.

Sports bras are usually made of high quality spandex material, which makes it sweat absorbent. They cover the breasts fully and also fit your form snugly. They cater to different impact levels, such as low, medium and high level impact. A low impact bra is ideal for yoga while a high impact bra supports more rigorous forms of workout involving jumping, running or fast movement.

You can choose the best type of sports bra suitable for you based on your activity level.  There are different types of sports bras such as compression bras, encapsulation bras, and combination bras that offer both compression and encapsulation.

While compression bras provide support by pressing the breasts closer to the chest, the encapsulation type encases each breast separately, reducing the rubbing of breasts together.

Intimacy online offers a range of sports bras that come in different colours and sizes. All of them are non-padded and non-wired but the broad band and broad strap provide the required support. The sweat absorbent knit material is soft and comfortable and highly breathable. They are ideally suited to be worn under any sports outfit. Their size guide helps determine the correct bra size, making sports bra shopping easy from the comfort of your home.