January 03, 2022

The Benefits of Padded Bras

The Benefits of Padded Bras

Bras are basically garments worn to support the breasts. The style and designing of the bra has seen several advancements over decades. Padded bra is one such improvisation to provide shape and enhance the size of the breast. Padding can be permanent or removable, depending on the requirement. Padding can be made of synthetic material, gel or foam. 

Padded bra brings with it several benefits. The most important of these is to give an appearance of fullness and to enhance the curves. It provides good coverage to the breasts.  It can improve the cleavage to provide a sexy look. There is an overall feeling of a firmer bust line.

Padded bra prevents nipple show from under the clothes. This saves one from embarrassing moments in work environments. The padded bra provides better support and shape to both small breasted and full breasted women. It also evens out the small difference in size between the two breasts.Regular wearing of the padded braskeeps the breasts firmly in place, thus limiting sagging.

Another variant of the padded bra is the push-up bra, which supports the breasts from below and also gives a lift to give the impression of fuller and shapely breasts. Some of the variants have an underwire that gives enhanced support.

Buying a padded bra needs careful consideration of the size, fit, comfort and price. Assess your bra size before buying one. You may have to go for a slightly bigger cup size with padded bras. Ensure that the straps don’t dig into your shoulders or that the band doesn’t go up at the back. You should be able to insert just onefinger easily between the band in the front and your skin. This indicates the correct band size.

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