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Flaunting an elegant outfit is breathtaking. How about flaunting a Bra? Choosing an impeccable bra can be both fun and frustrating. Your bra shouldn’t be loose or tight. It should hug you, but not skin dig you!

“All you need is confidence and a supporting Bra”


Bra and science

Research conducted by Torbay chiropractic UK showed that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra throughout their life which either digs into the skin or falls out of the shoulder and sometimes rips off,  which turns out to be an unpleasant experience. Bra contributes to body shape and posture by protecting tender muscles and fat in and around the breast. Hence, picking the right fit and size plays an important role in flaunting your shape and how you carry your posture. 

Bras and types

Bras come in diverse types, shapes, sizes, and materials. There is one available for every occasion. Hand-knitted bras to machine-made; stretchable to detachable, and cups vary from sizes A to F, Padded to non-padded, and wired to non-wired. Picking the perfect one for you can be life-changing, so it is best to make informed choices. 

Bras and shapes

Breast shapes naturally differ from one woman to another. Female hormones play a vital role in determining the shape and size of your breast, areolae, and even your nipple. It is crucial to be aware of the breast shape while shopping.

  • Round breast shape needs support and coverage; a T-Shirt bra, Triangular bra, and plunge bra are a wise choice.
  • Bell-shaped breasts have more volume in the bottom and need a lift and support; look for a bra with underwires like a full cup bra or a cut and sew type bra.
  • Tear-drop-shaped breasts are the same as bell-shaped and need lift and support; look for a bra that offers support and lifts the breast like an underwire demi-cup bra.
  • Asymmetrical breasts need adjustments in shape; go for a seamless bra and T-shirt bra for a sleek look.
  • Papaya-shaped breasts do not have the natural breast line; go for a cut and sew bra with transverse or diagonal-seamed cups.
  • Plum-shaped breasts need some push-ups; go for a triangular bra or push-up bra.
  • Apple-shaped breasts need some side support; a well-contoured bra with an underwire can list the breast to the centre.
  • Cherry-shaped breasts need some lift; choose a plunge bra or a triangular bra.
  • Lemon-shaped breasts are set aside and need a lifted look for a padded bra or push-up bra with or without an underwire.

Fabric for you

Bra materials play a vital role in providing shape and support to your breast; they range from nylon, polyester, cotton, and spandex to silk. Bra materials are usually knitted or woven; Sometimes woven with materials like silk-blend or even 100% silk for a luxurious look. Wisely choose your fabric based on the usage and occasion.

Size is the queen

“I didn’t even know my bra size until I made a movie”- Angelina Jolie.

Assuming you have wisely chosen the fabric and type, if you still choose the wrong size, your wearing experience might not be great. Tricks and tips are accessible for finding the flawless one. Measurement tables are available and can be measured professionally at the shop.

How to measure for a bra?

  • The band and bust size is the essence of choosing the right size bra.
  • For band size, measure around the back and the waist.
  • For bust size, measure the full bust up to the nipple.
  • The closest even number is the right size.
  • Subtract bust with band size.
  • Eureka! There is your bra size.

The table below is available for you to find the right bra size: 

Brassiere Size Chart:

size chart

The measurement guide is exclusively available for your convenience.

Everyone is unique in their own way; the same goes for their breast and bra size. The Odd fitting bra will have a unflattering look, whereas the perfect fitting one can make you look graceful and elegant. Find the perfect one that fits you, suits your personality and lifestyle.

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