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Size  Waist(cm) Waist(inches) Hip(cm) Hip(inches)
MEDIUM 80 32-33 90-97 36-38
LARGE  85 33-34 98-104 38-41
XL 90 34-36 105-112 41-44
2XL 95 36-38 113-119 44-47
3XL 100 38-40 120-127 47-50
4XL 105 40-42 128-134 50-53

A journey to find the perfect pair of underpants involves more than simply aesthetics—it's an effort for comfort, confidence, and well-being. Navigating the delicate world of lingerie demands precision, which is where our panty size chart becomes a valuable ally. This detailed guide is more than simply a list of measurements; it's a road map to finding the ideal fit. So come along with us as we decipher the significance of selecting the correct size, investigate the complexities of numerous size variants, and pave the route to a flawless and happy lingerie shopping experience. Welcome to a world where your comfort meets the ideal panty fit!

Panty Size Chart:


Waist: 80 cm
Waist (inches): 32-33
Hip: 90-97 cm
Hip (inches): 36-38


Waist: 85 cm
Waist (inches): 33-34
Hip: 98-104 cm
Hip (inches): 38-41


Waist: 90 cm
Waist (inches): 34-36
Hip: 105-112 cm
Hip (inches): 41-44


Waist: 95 cm
Waist (inches): 36-38
Hip: 113-119 cm
Hip (inches): 44-47


Waist: 100 cm
Waist (inches): 38-40
Hip: 120-127 cm
Hip (inches): 47-50


Waist: 105 cm
Waist (inches): 40-42
Hip: 128-134 cm
Hip (inches): 50-53

Why is a Size Chart Necessary?

Perfect Comfort Fit:

Wearing the correct size promotes comfort all day. There will be no more discomfort or odd adjustments!

Increased Self-Assurance:

Pants that fit well promote confidence. When you know you look well and are comfortable in what you're wearing, you'll feel better about yourself.

Prevents Pain and Irritation:

Irritation and discomfort can result from ill-fitting panties. A size chart prevents friction and guarantees a comfortable, irritation-free experience.

Better-Looking Clothes:

The proper-sized panties create a smooth appearance under clothing, improving the overall attractiveness of your outfits.

Helps with Health and Well-Being:

Wearing the incorrect size can result in health problems. Breathing and circulation are essential for maintaining intimate wellness.

Choosing the Correct Size:

Take Your Own Measurements:

Take accurate waist and hip measurements. For precise measurements, use a delicate measuring tape.

Please refer to the Size Chart:

To determine your ideal fit, compare your dimensions to the size chart. Each size is based on waist and hip measurements.

Consider the following:

Different materials and styles may fit differently. When deciding on a size, keep the following elements in mind.

Update on a regular basis:

Body measurements change with time. To ensure a perfect fit, keep your lingerie collection up to date.

Seek Professional Help:

If you're unsure about your size, don't be hesitant to ask for assistance. Our customer service team is here to help you make the best decision possible.

Remember that investing time in choosing the proper size is an investment in your comfort, confidence, and general satisfaction as you embark on the quest to achieve the perfect panty fit. Our detailed sizing guide exemplifies our commitment to offering a simple and comfortable lingerie purchasing experience. Dive into our exquisite panty collection with the confidence that the ideal fit is waiting for you. Improve not only your clothing, but also your overall sense of well-being. Because when you're happy, you exude confidence. Your path to finding the right fit starts here, ensuring that every moment is filled with comfort and style.